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In our dental practice we also offer periodontitis treatments. The so-called periodontology is one of our daily treatments. Periodontitis is a bacterial infection of the gums and is caused by bacteria in dental plaque and plaque. During periodontal therapy we eliminate plaque and the bacteria to stop the inflammation of the gums permanently. If you regularly notice bleeding gums, swollen and red gums, bad breath or loose teeth, book a check-up appointment online now. After a diagnosis, we can clarify whether you suffer from periodontitis or gingivitis.

The most important at a glance

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No matter if you have discolored teeth, need a tooth correction or help with dentures, you are at the right place! We specialize in aesthetic dentistry as well as implantology.

  • G. Doytchinov

    G. Doytchinov

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    L. Witte

    Managing Dentist

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    M. Dimitrov


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    Our centrally located clinic in the heart of Oberursel is equally easy to reach by car or public transport. We provide comprehensive healthcare services for all ages. With modern technology and skilled staff, we offer diverse medical treatments and prioritize patient comfort. Choose us for exceptional care. Visit us soon and let us be your healthcare partner.

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