Digital volume tomography (DVT)

One of the reasons why people trust us: The machines that work for us. Because they don't care what time it is or how much has already been done: They don't miss a thing. In this way, they form a resilient second opinion in critical cases - and a reliable support for the treating staff.

What is special about digital volume tomography (DVT)?

Digital volume tomography was developed specifically for the head region. The high-tech X-ray device can record and display three-dimensionally.

For example, it is possible to precisely identify the exact width of the jaw bone, the length and depth of the tooth roots or the spatial course of the nerve pathway.

This allows even complicated treatments such as implantations or orthodontic procedures to be planned precisely.

Compared to computed tomography (CT), DVT also reduces radiation. As a result, patients enjoy gentler, safer treatment planning. The radiation exposure from a DVT is hardly any higher than from conventional X-rays or two-dimensional panoramic images (OPG). The acquisition time is very short at 10-20 seconds (CT approx. 20 minutes).

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